Cream cheese sauce


Course: Sauces & Dips
Servings for  4  persons
Calories per Serving: 211kcal


  • Rapeseed oil  3 tbsp
  • Onion  80 g
  • Garlic  2 cloves
  • Low protein flour  30 g
  • Water  400 ml
  • Cream  100 ml
  • Cream Cheese  40 g
  • Salt, pepper, nutmeg 
  • Lemon juice  1 tbsp
  • Herb mix (frozen)  2tbsp


  • Peel and finely dice the onion and garlic. Heat the oil in a saucepan, add the diced onion and garlic and fry briefly. Add the flour and sweat. Add water and cream to the roux, while stirring continuously. 
    Add the cream cheese and spices and cook the sauce over a low heat for approx. 10 min, while stirring repeatedly. Finally, stir in the lemon juice and herbs. 
    Serve with low-protein noodles or potatoes. 

Nutritional values per Serving

Calories: 211kcalProtein: 2.1gPhenylalanine: 95mgTyrosine: 89mgLeucine: 194mgMethionine: 53mg
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