Berry compote with vanilla sauce


Course: Dessert
Servings for  4  persons
Calories per Serving: 248kcal


Vanilla sauce 

  • Water  150 ml
  • Cream  100 ml
  • Sugar  20 g
  • Packet of vanilla sugar  1
  • Vanilla pudding powder  15 g

Berry compote

  • Berry mix (frozen)  400 g
  • Sugar  80 g
  • Cornflour  20 g
  • Water  150 ml


  • Bring the cream, 150 ml water, sugar and vanilla sugar to a boil. Mix the pudding powder with a little cold water and stir. Stir and simmer for 5 min. at low temperature. 
    Boil the berry mixture with the sugar in 150 ml water. Mix the cornflour with a little cold water. Stir the cornflour into the berry mixture. Serve with vanilla sauce. 
    Tip: Vanilla sauce tastes creamier if you whip it up with a hand blender beforehand. 

Nutritional values per Serving

Calories: 248kcalProtein: 1.8gPhenylalanine: 75mgTyrosine: 57mgLeucine: 99mgMethionine: 37mg
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